Deepti Arjun Delhi

Anytime is good to get married. And so after having waited really long my friend decided to tie the knot in 2017 end. Sometimes you really have to wait it out to get someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. It gets harder as you get older for the conditioned minds are even stronger.

So when my friend said she was getting married I was more than happy, beside the fact that I can now test out my newly acquired Fuji XT2. I had my second photographer with the Canon dslr. And I needed to see whether the XT2 is going to be my go to camera.

Over the past 3-4 years have been using the Canon 5 D MarkIII, and had the Fuji X100s as my back up camera. In an earlier wedding shoot at Gulbarga wedding, I realized that in a tight 6×4 ft set up inside a temple, the Fuji X100s saved my day.

My compositions were far better, though I had to adjust to the lag in shooting with the x100s.

Whereas the XT2, was instantaneous and the lag was insignificant. The type of lens you use determines the ability to get the focus quicker.

One of the big reasons for shifting to Fuji has been the way these guys think for us and modify the cameras to our advantage by upgrading and ironing out issues which is unheard of in the industry.

So every time you had a camera, you really had a top notch updated version in your hand every time.

The second reason was my wrists and shooting long hours with heavy gear and always on the move, I really needed lighter cameras with intelligent intuitive simple systems in place.

The #FujiXT2 does that hands down. Retro dials on top each for shutter, iso and ev!. And aperture rings on the lenses. So you are technically from start in Manual mode. This gives greater control in the blink of an eye without having to extensively go into menus.

With the Electronic view finder, you are actually getting the way your print is going to look, without having to peep into the LCD screen back and forth. So you save a lot of split seconds while shooting as well you get it right on the camera every time.

I can keep raving and ranting about the Fuji systems and I guess I will continue to do so till something else beats this.

Which reminds me from shooting 1000 images I have come down to 200 images. The shutter count of my 3 yr old #Canon 5DMark III was 1,25,000 and that tells you how much I used to shoot.

I shoot quite often, every time its a pleasure learning with this kind of a camera. I now shoot lighter, faster, compose better and I can make my Images matter!

So here’s an idea of how in went without any lights. Just a #GODOX flash, a #Fujinon 23mm f2, a Fujinon 56 mm 1.4 and I am done.

P.S: The Fujinon lens are a killer really, beautiful metal construct and amazing imaging

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